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A study on the effects of training on motor function and brain re-organisation in children with hemiplegic CP

Autor: CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service) | Rok vydání: 2011 | Jazyk: Angličtina
Kategorie: Zdravotní problematika | Typ dokumentu: Výzkumy
Plná dostupnost: NE hemiplegic, motor activity, cerebral, neural control, movement

This study in children with cerebral palsy as a consequence of early acquired brain lesions aimed to address three main objectives. First, by using sophisticated assessment tools for hand function, the investigation of the effects of therapeutic intervention on hand function, in particular, fine motor co-ordination. Second, to describe with different methods characteristics of brain lesions acquired early in life and examine associations with hand motor function. Third, to explore effects of therapeutic intervention on brain organisation of motor function.


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